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Courtney Delbao, 2024

"Justin is amazing! He is the one trainer that I’ve seen results from. I came to him with a goal and I got there. So if you want a trainer who is motivating, supportive, that also gives you results. Hands down give Justin a go at his new gym!"

Kate Linsley, 2023

"I’ve been attending classes with Justin for 2.5 years now and I can genuinely say that his support has been the reason I have the active lifestyle I have today. I was one of those people that would sign up to a gym and never use it, constantly promising myself “tomorrow I’ll go”. The structure of Justin’s classes keeps me accountable, motivated and means I don’t need to plan. Highly recommend to anyone of any fitness level — you won’t regret it. Your mental health will thank you too!"

Jordan Giraldi, 2023

"I’ve been training with Justin for over a year now and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. He is supportive, incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely loves what he does which is shown by the results of his clients."

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